I completely fell in love with gingerhaole's handmade halos, so I wanted to do something with it! This was supposed to be Vana and Yavanna sharing a sisterly atmospheric moment (also, flowers and grapes - lots of 'em), but if this means I accidentally start a ship I will rather just say you should think of them as random spirits of nature or whatever.
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30 Day Challenge // Day 24 // Something That Represents Your Favorite Culture
I’m Buddhist and I’ve always loved the imagery even before I was. The wrathful deities from Tibetan and Mahayana art always fascinated me as a kid. They were like transformations the gods took on in battle. Like a monster magical girl I guess. His is name is Mahakala. Power Prism Make Up.

Portrait of María Hahn (the painter’s wife), detail; by Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta.
George Hitchcock, “Calypso” 
(со страницы Whisper by IzzyMedrano on deviantART)
Dream of Me On Lonely Nights by noahbradley
queen -animated- by stickyfruit
Chinese Yard Concept Design by fantasyant
Cafe rouge - chap3.46.C by Nesskain

It’s finally done. I’ve wanted to redo the oldversion since… basically since I drew it.
Inspired by that post going around about mermaids being women who were supposed to drown.
Honeysuckle Moon by CoyoteMange
. by Joanna Kitchener on Flickr.